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Solar Cycle 25

Solar cycle 25 has just begun. A (prominent) maverick scientist been going against the grain and stating that he believes that, instead of a mild cycle, it's going to actually be an exceptionally active one. Now is reporting today that a strong solar storm will be getting underway.

In 2012, a coronal mass ejection from the Sun barely missed planet Earth, one which could have wiped out our satellites and electrical grid and cost us trillions of dollars, but more importantly could have left many of us without some of important basic necessities.

Around September of 2020 I had a dream where I was observing other people doing remote viewing in a room in some location. I could perceive the sessions these individuals were working on while they were doing them. One person caught my attention and innately I knew their session would be interesting or important. As they sketched out the curve in a graph, superimposed next to that I could see a "reality line" which told me that her info was actually quite accurate. This data seemed to tell me that there would be a Carrington Event in the near future.

Approximation of the set of curves in the dream

As the days went on this perplexed me, but I knew it could be valuable information. I began researching, coming to find out that 1) yes we were entering a new solar cycle now and 2) it could be more intense than expected.

Some confirmations since then have been the following: two hypnogogic visions, a dream where I sat down with my father who passed away earlier this year, some channeling work done with a medium friend of mine, other people individually sharing similar information here and here, in addition to the increased activity that is being predicted.

With all that said, I have remained unemotional and detached about this possibility, and only regard it as a possibility. I created the target in order to look at the activity between now and 2025 as objectively as possible. Here are the results, to be taken with a grain of salt, or a seltzer:

Henrietta reports something magnetic, gaseous, trailing, across, comet-like, something looking up and being entranced.

Jemma similarly reports electricity and magnets, something giving off energy, vibration, feeling happy, at peace, beauty and zen. There is a feeling of admiration and something to behold.

Here is Henrietta's full PDF

Download PDF • 8.41MB

And the rest of Jemma's images from her 2 sessions

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