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The Saturn Project III - Enceladus

Remote Viewing the Moon Enceladus

Target: View and describe any lifeforms on the moon Enceladus, if they exist, from primitive to complex, in order to gain a sufficient understanding of each.

Viewer: John Adams, blind solo

Enceladus is a moon of Saturn, its sixth largest and 310 mi. in diameter, or only a tenth the size of Titan. The moon is covered in a layer of ice but also was recently discovered to host hydrothermal activity and likely water below:

"Cassini performed chemical analysis of Enceladus's plumes, finding evidence for hydrothermal activity, possibly driving complex chemistry. Ongoing research on Cassini data suggests that Enceladus's hydrothermal environment could be habitable to some of Earth's hydrothermal vents microorganisms, and that plume-found methane could be produced by such organisms." —Wikipedia

The initial drawings and impressions here seemed to paint the picture of subjects inhabiting a place, yet this place was notably different. The walls on the interior of the structure appeared layered, almost dripping. These gave the feeling of something rather psychedelic and not fully explainable. Some immediate impressions of someone at the site were listed and possibly a location. I had the impression of a spherical object being randomly encountered in an otherwise natural forest setting, which was eerie and probably metaphorical, in the way you would stumble upon an odd place in outer space.

Are subjects present on this moon, or were they at one time? Could they have relocated? does it coincide with subjects found in the vicinity of Saturn in the other Saturn sessions? They seemed to indicate an element that was hidden and not fully understood.

Next, there are dynamics of opposing patterns of wind or flow. Then we see explosive energy emanating outward. The imagery I saw also involved the night sky cast against a natural landscape below:

Here we have an AOL of 'an event in space'. An opening that is spilling out is also inflated and spinning. There is an aesthetic impact of an intense event overtaking the scene, something monstrous, scenic, destabilized, shifting, colossal. It could be 'monitored and deliberated' over in some fashion. It would go well with the expulsions present on the moon beneath its ice, where heat and energy lie trapped and sometimes escape in the form of massive geysers up to 150 miles long, or more than 8,000 times larger than any geyser found on our much larger planet Earth.

Cassini overlooking Saturn's moon Enceladus as flares of energy emanate outward.

"Plumes from Enceladus, which are similar in composition to comets, have been shown to be the source of the material in Saturn's E ring. The E ring is the widest and outermost ring of Saturn (except for the tenuous Phoebe ring). It is an extremely wide but diffuse disk of microscopic icy or dusty material distributed between the orbits of Mimas and Titan" –Wikipedia

Compare with the image with below:

(Type/subtype was indicating some kind of scientific classification)

Here we are seemingly right in the thick of whatever cloudy, hot and flowing energies are present. We also see "bracing, event, perilous and journey" as well as "expected".

What is further interesting is to note the auroras that occur on the moon, an effect that was captured in the session. In fact, the first visual, denoted in advance visuals at the beginning, was a piece of aurora and the word hologram.

Now, hear the eerie sound of electrons causing aural hissing on Enceladus!

"Although there are substantial differences between the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, it has been suggested that cryovolcanic activity at Enceladus could lead to electrodynamic coupling between Enceladus and Saturn like that which links Jupiter with Io, Europa and Ganymede. Powerful field-aligned electron beams associated with the Io–Jupiter coupling, for example, create an auroral footprint in Jupiter’s ionosphere" —

I'm not sure what to make of this last part involving pulsing energy. Could the energy be at the center or mysterious and active core of this small moon, whitish and light blue in color on the outside, or is it connected to a larger picture of the solar system and beyond? I clearly saw pulsing green energy emanating from a center source outwards in a uniform fashion away from the object. This leads us to the final chapter in the upcoming post - what is the 10th Star?

Enceladus full session

Download PDF • 2.64MB


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