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Puma Punku

The origins and people of Puma Punku

In Bolivia lies at an altitude of 12,800 feet an ancient ruin named Puma Punku. Made of stone blocks and megaliths among the largest found on the planet, it is 549 feet wide and 383 feet long, and said to be at least 1,000 years old but may be much older. Its cuts were made with extreme precision allowing its large blocks to fit together perfectly.

This target came up in Charlottesville, VA after the 2023 IRVA conference. I had a second go several weeks later after placing it in my target pool with some more interesting results. An interesting aspect is that it seems to compare with how it may have been built in other remote viewing data describing an aerial structure in a sweeping fashion.

Original tasker: Jemma Warner

Blind Viewer: John Adams

The Data

Session 1

At first we get rising, rock-like, peaky, land, canyon wall (aol), flat land, pocketed. Copper, slated, brown, ice, sunk, red, aspects moving outward, then the impression of a cockpit with a wide window and panel and a rocky landscape. Vibration, circumspecting, circumference, flat and wide.

Forces and dynamics are present, a site, a cluster, impact, dust kicked up, something happening and dust settled; dizzying, rolled, roiled, discombobulated. Aol of AI.

Some questions reveal potted, pot-marked, wreckage or impact. Happy, dated, energy. Forward. In time? A situation. mottled. Aol Rock. And temerity, officials, or official.

Around this is smiling, flight, excavation, chambers, and "what lies ahead". Wide, marginal, something falling, as if from the sky. Something spinning in a circle clockwise, dizzying, sort of like a cockpit turning, shaken, and shifted.

Session summary:

There seems to be a structure; it may have been related to or undergone inertia or impact. It feels like a wreck or rocky impact and/or in a rocky landscape. There may be dust or debris kicked up. Is it future or past? Something that has "fizzled" (out). "Wipe the cobwebs away".

Motionless, timeless...It resembles something mirrored or reflective. Silvery. Were there subjects or occupants? Yes and No. Fluid. It seems to go across and down in parts, pieces or instances and (there is) also some curving or maneuvering.

Session 2

There is some more curving motion, sideways movement, twisting, air, floating, levitation, metallic taste, motion around in a circle, shaken, rattled, and an aol of remote controlled.

Next we have some building structures, dark sky, land, hills, sand, lodging,, and isolated. There is Sitting, staring, watching, intense, an intent eye, a reptile looking eye, energy, vision, work. Isolated, landing, back and forth, several ovals or circular objects, smoldering fire, and in close up what appears an explosion or flash of light that happened. There are pieces broken apart. The "source" appears to be like a plan turning off to the side, breaking away, scattered, with stratosphere-related phenomenon, motion, tracking, distance and public lands. Around this also is clearing or clean and the aol's of salvage, meteor, and lift. Multi-location or direction and descending. A sojourn. Pick out, disperse, accommodate, time-waiting and container.

"Bridge to mind" is written, related to people, and again a very intense eye staring, that is powerful and serious related to this (with the aol of a reptilian).

There is the impression of walking through a foggy haze in a nature scene, maybe deserty. It feels like a different time or place; slightly apocalyptic.

We see a tornadic tunnel and the mention or whirlwind and tunnel. Then the corner of a building is drawn with a broadside. Also special motion, writing, lured, nestled.

In a strange setting, some people are in a room meeting. It may be a different location, possibly off-world. there is an odd sunglass design or corneas, separate and no frame for lenses. These people are elite, serious, mission-focused, and with intelligence. there is a plan underway that is mission-specific. Hearts and minds. Winning favor? Influence.

Why: manipulation. Why: better control? Observation. Momentum gathering.

Ultimate goal Judgement. Cychle. Awareness. Stoicism. Narrow purposes.

Who: Flight personnel. Kindergarten-level [edit: on the ground?]. There is building involved, physically as well as metaphorically. A situation. A little bit different, maybe creepy.

Surveillance. Various activities (drawn in a circle). Contained in an area. Aol of mass control. Bunker, battle readiness. It seems Mad Max-like. An "early warning".

Implication: polarity. mass effect. general welfare. "Put people in handcuffs". Watch them. There is no second chance. Watched. Watchful eye. Awareness. Tempered. Moved or nudged. An aol of flank.

There are some objects drawn, one of which is a box or create labeled with grain, salt, and vinegar [edit: are these supplies?]. It is 'dark-winged agent related'. There is a special mission, low voltage, and a "whisper" moment. The other object is a pyramid, labeled pyramidal-type structure, housing, warehousing, bought-sold goods and wheat.

Session Summary:

There appears to be flying structures here, movement in air, etc. There is building, surveillance, control and even manipulation involved. This location seems empty now, even barren.

There is rockiness, nature, possibly an older time or place, or its somewhere not familiar.

They (people) go into this structure and they stay there. It seems quiet, church-like. Somber. The people are rigid or controlled. But there is a sense of accomplishment. There are monuments and/or stone structures, relics, and ruins. It seems long left behind. There is also charity work, or forced labor. Bigger picture here: this is a lost and lonely place. People have not come here for centuries. But they gathered in the past and there was a sense of community and shared experience and some good emotions.


Based on this data, it would seem manipulation and control was a defining characteristic during the height of the activity at this site. There was labor, possibly forced, and limitation and/or surveillance, but a sense of community and some happiness as well. There may have been conflict, given the crash and debris depicted. And given the large, ancient span of time, there are likely many other factors involved, but this does indicate an interesting overview. If the data is to be trusted, an outside force was involved using advanced technology in the creation of this location.

John Adams Puma Punku Session 1
Download PDF • 2.34MB
John Adams Puma Punku Session 2
Download PDF • 3.70MB


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