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July 2021 Part II

A blind session I completely forgot about completed in March 2021 that indicates a few potential events:

One of those being solar rays and an AOL of a CME. We have already seen marked increases in solar activity this month, with a few notable CME's, and a large explosion on the far side of the sun as well as an earlier X-class flare.

Cryptocurrency/crypto coins looked to be featured, but it was hard to tell if they were raining down because of price, or because of wealth. Crypto and coins were AOL'd, and the ideogram could very well have been a trending graph (maybe). I do still feel they will likely stay above the older lows and then gain in strength, but we will see. One line says "cryptos are coming".

There is something about a wave (and on another page a wave was drawn) and oceans and current. Also there is something about a sea cruise that could be in the news, but it is fleeting. There may be a "snake in the grass" waiting or financial issues. I had the impression of "playing a stringed instrument feverishly", which I have been doing again lately on guitar. Other terms: conflicting deals, hedge money, industry, V.P., member shares and Abercrombie and Fitch (in the current news stock is up 4x now but with revenue declining).

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