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How Humans Evolved

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

This session from May 2019 came out completely unexpected. It seemed to point to a dusty red planet with the feeling of Mars where there was a mass exodus with supplies dutifully placed aboard craft. People were leaving as a collective in order to migrate to a new place because life became inhospitable (with images of dust and wind), like "settlers to a new world". They were "sad, yet happy and hopeful" and this appeared to take place "eons ago". Joe McMoneagle once performed a target as part of a 1984 CIA Project on Mars 1 million years ago, while Farsight looked at where humans came from and separately saw humans during a period of the dinosaurs. Also, perhaps notably one scientist suggests there is evidence that radiation detected on Mars and other indicators show some kind of disaster taking place on Mars in the past. See also here, and there was an episode about this on NASA's Unexplained Files.

Here are the session pages:

Download PDF • 2.35MB

The first part ended pointing to a place that resembled the Land of the Lost.

The session picks back up in a part 2 on Earth in equally surprising fashion, showing the presence of dinosaur-like creatures, large snakes, birds/hawks, hippos, strange vistas, including mist, deep canyons, tall trees, and a colorful sky, odd vegetation and the presence of humans.

There was a mischievous person within the target who felt part Asian and part Cajun, speaking in strange noises and quasi-French words, somewhat reminiscent of Kiyop in Battle of the Planets. He was walking through a marshy environment on stilts very quickly. There were hand tools, and a person depicted playing a lute-type instrument on a rocky formation.

The dinosaur-type creatures were very fast and nimble. One of them depicted with hairs or feathers around the neck even seemed to have some sort of pride in its looks, regarding itself as handsome. There were strange vistas and lots of foliage not typically present on modern Earth.

Here are some post-session inspired drawings:


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