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Beyond Skinwalker Ranch - Remote Viewing

This remote viewing project revolved around episode three of History Channel's Beyond Skinwalker Ranch. Their team set about to investigate a place in Colorado called Rocky Mountain Ranch with unexplained activity happening all around it. The show picks up and now features ex-CIA agent Andrew Bustamante and a team-member reporting back to the scientists. The individual sessions of several viewers were gathered up and the map dowsing information was correlated into heat maps which their team used to help inform where to look. I asked a couple of friends who participated if they would like to share their data here but they did not feel comfortable at this time.

This location was actually investigated in the past by the predecessor to MUFON, called APRO back in the 70's with several articles written as a series, apparently because they found it so intriguing and inexplicable. Those old, mostly forgotten reports are available at the bottom and help give some interesting feedback and perspective to this anomalous site, which I for one I had never heard about. However, by the end of the three targets I did for this project and before the reveal it must be noted I felt very convinced this must be "some kind of Skinwaker Ranch" type of location. These targets involved an event or set of events in the Spring of 1976, as well as locations of current activity on the ranch.

It's hard to know where to start in putting this location and its pieces together. I will say there are several themes that seem to have arisen based on my own RV data and my experience:

  • Alien-UFO involvement

  • Energetics involving the above and/or UAP crash(es)

  • Vortex type phenomenon

  • Positive and negative ET's

  • Possible organic experimentation and/or cloning

  • Fostering of humanity

  • Locations possibly including unground and moon bases

  • Different kinds of beings

  • Crashed friendly aircraft

  • Activity departing and/or going underground

  • Activity that could be both involuntary and, on the more positive side,

  • asked for and beneficial

Highlights of the viewing:

For me, this was one of the most memorable aspects of the remote viewing and the image stuck with me so I will start there.

RV sketch of an alien
RV sketch of an alien

In addition to this visage, I was presented with another surprising or disturbing one - the "white antelope person". It reminded me both of the movie the Island of Dr. Monroe and Nightbreed (Clive Barker). I hesitate to comment about the fact that these images hint toward connotations of experimentation.

RV sketch of an alien

Here is an image of the symbols/language that showed up in the final session. It was like a wall of text, as if scrawled upon a wall, but floating mid air in space. Also note the use of "body as language" depicted in one of the drawings.

RV sketch of alien writing
RV sketches of aliens and misc.
Human encounter

In the above series of images, I detected what seemed like an individual standing on a roadside. The individual looked to be dressed as if from the 70's. Something approached that was shocking. This may have involved a brain scanning device. As stated, there was no apparent negativity associated with this encounter that I saw or felt.

In addition to that, we have energetic qualities and vortexes. In the first image on the left, this felt like an implosion of matter and or energy further up in the sky. Waves of energy collapsed inward and created this energetic "remnant". In the middle image there is a vortex depicted, and then on the right, this holographic aurora borealis-like quality was floating in the air during what may have been the encounter (there were multiple there during the time that could have witnessed or experienced this).

Energy and vortex phenomenon
energy field
energy field around body

In the above first image is a field of energy, like a plasma field. It seemed to make several football fields pale in comparison. Then a person is standing in an orange energy glow (something that was also reported by other viewers).

At a certain stage, it began to seem like this activity had pulled away, literally flying away and also going underground, for whatever reason. This was depicted both by structures flying away and a sort of reality split occurring. The object on the right was non-linear. It took a different form and defied space-time/went to another planet and/or future.

lifting of and going under sketches

mountain top sketch

flying above clouds sketch

pilot with helmet sketch

There were a couple of these air pilot drawings made. Mention of flight, technologies, navigation and a crash occurring and trying to figure it out would be congruent with what happened in that location in the past.

sorting out crash

Some areas of the ranch that were similar and likely related:

Large moon above trees sketch
Large moon above the trees like an egg

Summary page 1

Summary page 2

Original articles from APRO pertaining to this location:

My entire sessions and the raw audio once again for the ERV:

John Adams TGT1
Download PDF • 14.98MB
John Adams TGT2
Download PDF • 6.64MB
TGT3 ERV John Adams
Download PDF • 8.15MB


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