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Anomalous Events I

Remote Viewing Sketch by Robert Ratliff



  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected. "an anomalous situation"

I've seen unexplained lights in the sky on more than one occasion and captured them twice now. The event in question here took place in October of 2020 and was later tasked blind two three remote viewers, Robert Ratliff, Jemma Warner, and Thion.

Background: I was driving home from an overnight IT job in Abilene, TX. As I neared closer to the town of Lampasas I continued to see one large bright light stationary in the lower sky. This continued through the course of several miles. In my estimation it looked brighter than any star, or the planet Venus, but I dismissed it and only mention it now to include the full story details. Also of note was the fact that I encountered the most road kill on a desolate highway that I had ever seen (and I've done my fair share of driving across Texas). As I happily scooted down the darkened highway listening to music before dawn I suddenly felt a strong crash. Though I saw nothing on the road, it felt like I had ran over something absolutely huge, as the vehicle torqued to one side and then slammed back down. I was sure the wheel was shot, among other things. I carefully made it into town and inspected the damages at a gas station, somewhat shook, and was back on the way. Later, I ended up having to replace the struts and tie rods and suffered one bent control arm. There was fat and hair under the vehicle but no blood. All was well. The sun began to rise. I decided to capture the sky and trees by video as I drove with some music playing in the background. It was only later that I discovered the following anomalous activity within the video below (the activity begins at about 8 or 9 seconds to the right in the sky, up through the clouds and then back down on the left around 55 seconds; later I discovered more as yet explained features which I have added, some of which could eventually be explained conventionally):

Robert's Session

Page one of his remote viewing offered this compelling image:

The image speaks for itself. In the following pages are some very notable terms, like Nkonde (nkondi derives from the verb -konda, meaning "to hunt" and thus nkondi means "hunter" because they can hunt down and attack wrong-doers, witches, or enemies). He mentions "in and out" and "the true definition of camouflage". Interesting themes are present, like being able to understand or accept the truth, the novelty of experience, opening the heart and being the teachers. Have a look at the rest of his session below:

Jemma's Session

As Jemma moves into her session, she begins to experience the impression of spirits present, notes moving into another plane, and a "transgression of souls". She goes on to note strange beings who detect her viewing, some of whom are curious and some unhappy. She also mentions triangle shapes, ceremonies, creatures and sacrifice.

Thion's Session

Thion's session was done using Extended Remote Viewing, or in an eyes closed, more relaxed fashion. Her notes indicate cloud-like formations and she says she experienced someone creating scales and trying to tip them in their way, whereas we want them to tip in our way. She says she saw different colors, energy and something entering land. In her second visit to the target, she saw a flash of light, or a lightning effect, and then speculates that it might be a meteor or a comet. She saw it hit the earth but then nothing happened because it was 'pure light'.

In a future update I will share work on similar targets and experiences, so stay tuned...

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