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 Remote viewing involves the practice of sensing, acquiring, and recording data remotely in or across both time and space. This website contains projects that delve into a wide variety of interests and curiosities, seeking to shed light on a few mysteries or just for the plain old fun of exploration.  We are sharing the more 'intriguing' sessions with you and only ask that you keep an open mind. All of the sessions are or will be performed blind, meaning without any awareness of the targetm unless noted clearly for special purposes.

I began learning more about intuition when I picked up books like Psychic Energy as a teenager, and also a book on the OBE phenomenon written in the early 80's by Janet Lee Mitchell that mentioned SRI, Ingo Swann and some related experiments (which led to a rather intense experience I had). I eventually found my way to Ingo's RV website and began practicing my own form of projecting conscious awareness in places like at the library. When i discovered success I started trying to get my hands on as much of the training materials as I could and still continue to learn.

I had studied Astronomy and Physics but decided that wasn't the ultimate path for me so quit. I returned to finish my degree in Visual Communications and now work in the IT field. 

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